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Gabriel Roxas, Senior Account Executive at Endicott PR (Dallas-Fort Worth)

Gabriel Roxas | Senior Account Executive

As Senior Account Executive based in Dallas, Gabriel Roxas serves as a point person to Endicott PR clients. Gabriel graduated from the University of Southern California majoring in Business and minoring in Cinema. He spent more than a decade as a news reporter in media markets across the country winning an Emmy Award, four Emmy nominations, and an Edward R. Murrow Award. Prior to joining Endicott, Gabriel drew on his communications background for a shift to marketing and public relations in commercial real estate, specializing in mixed-use developments and shopping centers across North Texas.

Ashley Djavaherian | Account Executive

Ashley Djavaherian is an Account Executive at Endicott PR with a strong background in marketing and public relations. With a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Advertising from Southern Methodist University, Ashley specializes in social media management, influencer partnerships, event planning, and media relations. Her innovative campaigns have garnered significant media coverage, and her strong interpersonal skills enable successful collaborations with influencers and media outlets. Outside of work, Ashley enjoys skiing, reading, and exploring new culinary experiences.

Ashley Djavaherian, Account Executive at Endicott PR (New York, California, Dallas-Fort Worth)

Annie Chu, Account Executive & Social Media Manager at Endicott PR (Dallas-Fort Worth)

Annie Chu | Account Executive & Social Media Manager

Annie Chu is an Account Executive and Social Media Manager at the Dallas office for Endicott PR. She is currently a graduate student at The University of Texas at Dallas, where she is pursuing her Masters in Business Administration and Marketing degrees. She is ecstatic to grow as a PR and marketing professional. With a background in content creation, her knowledge of social media and communications is widely utilized at EPR through creating social media content for clients, pitching media, building an outreach range, assisting with press hits, writing and sending press releases & media alerts, and researching client opportunities.
Annie has an affinity for the arts. In her time outside of work, she attends concerts and enjoys painting, drawing and photography. She also has a passion for food and trying new restaurants, documenting her discoveries on Instagram as @DFWFoodNites.

Nina Diaz | Account Coordinator

Based in San Antonio as an Account Coordinator, Nina Diaz is a dynamic talent, blending creativity, photography expertise, and effective communication skills. With a knack for innovative problem-solving, Nina captures authentic moments through her captivating photography. Fluent in Spanish, she bridges cultural gaps and fosters meaningful connections. A natural storyteller, Nina’s narratives evoke emotions and offer unique perspectives. Her passion for exploration and diverse cultures fuels her creativity, while her commitment to lifelong learning brings fresh perspectives to every project. Expect Nina to deliver extraordinary visuals, cultural understanding, and innovative solutions

Nina Diaz, Account Coordinator at Endicott PR (San Antonio)

Ritchie Manalastas, Account Coordinator at Endicott PR (Dallas-Fort Worth)

Ritchie Manalastas | Account Coordinator

Based in the Dallas office, Ritchie Manalastas serves as an Account Coordinator at Endicott PR. He was born in the Philippines and has been living in Dallas since he was three years old. He graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and is excited to work behind the scenes as a PR professional. With his working experience at UT Arlington’s student publication, The Shorthorn, and his knowledge of social media, Ritchie helps with social media content, tracking press hits, writing and sending media alerts and more. In his free time, he loves to read, check out local businesses, and attend concerts.

Karime Herrera | Account Coordinator

Karime Herrera is one of the newest members of the Endicott PR team as an Account Coordinator. She got her Bachelor’s degree in Strategic Communications from the University of Houston. At UH, she was a member of PRSSA, a student organization that helped connect students with communications professionals. Karime has a background in hospitality and entertainment. She loves talking to people and creating meaningful relationships. She is a huge fan of pop music, both in English and Spanish. In her free time, Karime like to go on walks with my dogs and enjoy the outdoors!

Samantha Hilder, Senior Intern at Endicott PR (Lubbock & Houston)

Samantha Hilder | Senior Intern

Based in the Houston office, Samantha Hilder is one of the newest additions to our EPR team. She is a senior studying Marketing and has a minor in Art History at Texas Tech University, and is thrilled to be able to gain experience in the Public Relations industry. Samantha’s background in marketing, social media, and the art world allows her to bring a unique perspective to the job. 
In her free time, she enjoys photography, attending concerts, and spending time with family and friends.